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Future News is all about what next-generation newsrooms and journalists will look, act and think like.

Whether you are a broadcast, print or digital reporter, or someone who is interested in or works with news media, I hope you find this website and newsletter to be of some interest and a useful resource for ideas and information around the future of news.

Future News is written by Ian Silvera, a former senior business and politics reporter turned comms pro.

His work has appeared in The International Business Times UK, The Times, The Guardian, The Independent, Huffington Post UK, The Belfast Newsletter, The Guido Fawkes blog, Prospect Magazine, Public Affairs News, Mayor Watch and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

Ian has also made broadcast appearances on BBC Radio 5 Live, TalkRadio, Al Jazeera English, CTV News (Canadian TV), CNN India, ShareRadio, BBC Radio Three Counties and JazzFM.

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Ian Silvera

Future News & Media is written by Ian Silvera.