Introducing The Tech, Power & Media Podcast 

Coming soon

Expect an interviewer-light exploration into the relationships between news media, technology and the power it creates, circumvents and changes. The Tech, Power & Media Podcast will use the best interviews from Future News as well as standalone audio content to investigate this increasingly important intersection.

To give you a flavour of the project and to give you a reason to subscribe (on Spotify and Apple), check-out the trailers above and below (for all of Substack’s flexibility, a downside – and A Media Operator lists a few others here – is that it doesn’t support Simplecast or Apple embeds).

📧 Contact

For high-praise, tips or gripes, please contact the editor at or via @ianjsilvera. Follow on LinkedIn here.

Music Credit: CC-BY 4.0 Scott Buckley, "Neon"

Visual Credit: "TV Error" by Sibe Kokke is licensed under CC BY 2.0