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Introducing The Political Press Box

Introducing The Political Press Box

A new media podcast project

If you haven’t heard, we have a few general elections coming up this year. 

And I thought it was a good idea — and I may be proven wrong here — to get to know the people covering these major political events. 

Not just the journalists, but the pollsters, the academics and the commentators too.

That’s the ideal behind The Political Press Box. To provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of political media in all of its guises.

I’m also very interested in how these insiders are interacting with the internet. There’s been a lot going on there. 

The rise of TikTok, YouTube and micro-targeting, all while traditional media outlets are having a tough time, but some are making a go of it by adopting what I call information-as-a-service models. 

Basically, subscriptions for short. 

I’m also interested in whether newer platforms like Substack can go on to replace Twitter, as a politico’s favourite place to go. 

If you enjoy podcasts like Longform or Recode Media, hopefully you will find this project just as valuable. 

I’m expecting to publish the interviews on a weekly basis. But, in a bid to kick things off, I can promise a bumper drop of episodes in the coming week or so.

Do please subscribe, tell your friends, tell your family and alert your colleagues. Share on social media liberally. 

And welcome to The Political Press Box. 

Tech, Power & Media
Tech, Power & Media
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